First Chapter Edit

A common creature found around the roads outside Rolent, these monsters usually attack in small packs. Their main method of attack is to fly up to a character and hit him or her once for minor damage, but they occasionally use a move called the cat kick to store energy for a round before hitting someone for increased damage.

A pack of Flying Felines also appeared on the 2nd floor of the Esmelas Tower where they threatened to attack Luke and Pat who foolishly came there. While the usual boss music plays during this battle, the monsters in this encounter aren't any stronger than they usually are. The only additional challenge is the fact that the player has to protect two NPCs.

A second variation of this enemy appears in a chest battle that has frequently given new players their first game over. Unlike its weaker counterpart, this stronger version has increased attack, defense and hp and attacks in as part of a large pack. In addition, this stronger variation has a much greater chance of using the cat kick move and a succesful cat kick causes heavy damage to the player.

It's generally considered a good idea to postpone fighting this battle until Scherazard joins the party or at least wait until area attacks become available to the player. In particular, the Aerial spell, obtained by completing the Orbment Replacement Quest and putting the Impede2 quartz together with a Shield1 or Evade1 quartz on one person, is extremely effective at thinning the herd since Flying Felines take increased damage from all primary elements, including wind.