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Kurt is a member of a Bracer Team consisting of team-mates Anelace Elfead, Carna and Grant.

He doesn't appear to look to anyone for inspiration nor has any apparent close friends, however he does acknowledge Kevin Graham's medicinal and spiritual wisdom.

Kurt, being the leader of a group of bracers, acts as the group's lifeline and support, which is reflected by his skillset. Like Estelle, he has a variety of different crafts, including healing, buffing, attacking from afar and hitting an AOE. Compared to Estelle's more melee-oriented bag of tricks, Kurt's skillset focuses more on recovery and support.

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Kurt is biased towards Mirage Arts.

OS-Kurt SC

In the Second Chapter, Kurt has 1x Mirage and 6x Neutral Orbment slots, with 2x configurable lines. He features a maximum line configuration of 1x Mirage and 4x Netural Orbment slots, allowing him high proficiency as an Arts user.

Kurt equals the highest capability having access to all 73 Arts.