First Chapter Edit

A plant found growing on the side of the roads around Rolent, the Lily Mover is one of the first enemies the player gets to fight after the tutorial and probably the first to give the player a headache. Being plants that often grow in ordinary patches of grass, making them hard to see, Lily Movers are incapable of movement, both on the field and in battle, but unlike most other monsters around Rolent, they're capable of using long-distance attacks against the player.

The only attack the Lily Mover uses is spitting seeds at the player, which does moderate damage although the attack has slightly lower accuracy than most monsters' melee attacks. What makes Lily Movers hard to deal with at first is that they're usually positioned near the back of the combat area and their attacks are capable of pushing characters back a significant distance. Trying to get close to the Lily Mover against an onslaught of seeds can sometimes take several turns because of this. The best way to deal with these enemies is exploiting their weakness to fire. A single casting of Firebolt is enough to kill them, so if the player bought an Attack1 quartz in Rolent, it's usually best to cast it at the start of the battle. Other arts take more than one shot, although Soul Blur has a chance of paralyzing the plant long enough for your characters to close the gap and finish it off with melee strikes.

A second variation of this monster with higher stats appears in a chest battle on Milch Road.