First Chapter Edit

A creature found in the area around Rolent, these monsters will be very frequently encountered after Estelle and Joshua start doing bracer jobs during the prologue. They appear in pretty much every area outside the city, but since they're not found in the section of the Malga Trail leading to the Esmelas Tower, many players are unlikely to encounter them while heading there to save Luke and Pat.

Compared to other monsters in the areas where they are found, namely the Flying Feline and the Lily Mover, the Red Insectos is a step up in terms of difficulty. They don't have any special moves or long-distance attacks, but they're stronger, faster and more durable than either of the aforementioned enemies. On the field, they also act a lot more aggressively, often charging at the player the moment they spot him. (often before the player becomes aware of them) Just like the flying feline, they have a mild weakness to all four basic elements, so basic offensive arts are a good way to soften them up.

One thing of note about them, as their in-game description already says, is that they have the tendency to pick one character at the start of the battle and then try to attack that character every subsequent turn, even if the target is out of range and another character is close by. It's possible (though tricky) to finish a battle with a Red Insectos without taking damage by having the targeted character stay out of the creature's attack range by moving around while the other character doing all the attacking.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this monster drops the Savory Pinion item which must be delivered to Father Divine in order to complete the quest Medical Necessities.