Locations Edit

City of Rolent Edit

The City of Rolent is the main city in Rolent, a provincial city in Liberl's northeast that chiefly specializes in agriculture and Septium mining. It's most recognisable structure is its central clock tower, which was destroyed during the Hundred Days War with Erebonia ten years ago, but dutifully rebuilt by concerned Rolent citizens shortly thereafter. The city's elected official is Mayor Klaus, whom takes parts in many of the events during the beginnings of the story.

Bright Family House Edit

The Bright Family House is the residence of Estelle Bright, Cassius Bright and Joshua Astray, located west in Rolent. The household can be found by taking the northwest path on the Elize Highway 1st Map.

Mistwald Edit

Mistwald is the main source of Rolent's timber industry where many local workers make a living from. Mistwald is situated south of the City of Rolent, east from the Elize Highway - 3rd Map. The forest is dense with shrubbery and trees, ideal for the timber industry, who exports it's timber to other regions in Liberl. During A Father's Love, A New Beginning the Capua Family have a hideout in the forest, where they are confronted in battle.

Gurune Gate Edit

The Gurune Gate is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Rolent and Grancel, connecting the Royal Avenue - 3rd Map in Grancel and the Elize Highway - 3rd Map in Rolent.

Esmelas Tower Edit

The Esmelas Tower is one of the four Tetracyclic Towers left behind by the ancients, built in the Rolent Region of Liberl Kingdom. The tower is located west of the Malga Trail - 2nd Map, and like other Tetracyclic Towers, comprises of several floors and hosting an artifact on the roof.

Malga Mine Edit

The Malga Mina, located on the northern end of the Malga Trail 3rd Map, is one of Rolent's main industries and a major supplier of esmelas septium in the kingdom.

Perzel Farm Edit

The Perzel Farm is a produce distribution farm, located south from the Milch Main Road - 2nd Map. The farm is notorious for producing high-quality dairy and vegetables, delivering to cities all around Liberl. The farm is Rolent's premiere trader of produce, and has clients such as the exclusive Anterose Restaurant in Bose and the Royal Kitchen in Grancel Castle.

Verte Bridge Edit

The Verte Bridge is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Rolent and Bose, connecting the Milch Main Road - 3rd Map in Rolent and the East Bose Highway - 1st Map in Bose.

Roads Edit

Elize Highway Edit

The Elize Highway is a roadway in Rolent, connecting the City of Rolent, Mistwald, the Gurune Gate and the Bright Family House.

Malga Trail Edit

The Malga Trail is a roadway in Rolent, connecting the City of Rolent, the Esmelas Tower and the Malga Mine.

Milch Main Road Edit

The Milch Main Road is a roadway in Rolent, connecting the City of Rolent, the Perzel Farm and the Verte Bridge.